LMME Speaker Series - Pandemic Plans: Finding new ways to engage and retain your audience
Feb 17, 2021, 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. PST
Conference Room

Session Information

Staff from the Port Moody Station Museum will share how, as a small organization they transitioned from a normal pre-Covid year into full lockdown and later into reopening the doors under tight pandemic restrictions. Topics covered include how to engage audiences with digital programming, events and social media strategies, how to handle team work when working from home, caring for the mental health of staff and volunteers, reaching out into the community and what lessons can be carried forward into the future.  Staff from Science World will explore how they moved programs online along with some of the platforms, staffing models, technology, and challenges they have encountered along the way.



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Director of Performance and Fun Times, Science World

Brian Anderson

Brian began his career as a Science Presenter at Science World in Vancouver in 1991. He currently curates all live performance stages at Science World and as well as many special exhibitions that are featured at the museum.   He is a frequent spokesperson for Science World at special media events including appearances on Global, CTV, CBC, the Mercer Report, and special demonstrations for press conferences and VIP events.

In 2016 Brian had the privilege of sharing his Science Communication experience with the staff of the Bursa Bilim Merkezi in Bursa, Turkey. A graduate of the University of Victoria, Brian has worked in industry with Dow Chemical, MPR Teltech, and as part of the SLT particle Collider team at Stanford University.