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This presentation addresses how unconscious bias can give us a distorted view of reality, especially when it comes to racially different social groups. It also discusses strategies to cope with unconscious biases.

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Founder & Manager of Kulea Love, a Social Enterprise; Co-founder and President of Kulea Culture Society; President of BC Black History Awareness Society

Silvia Mangue Alene

Born in Equatorial Guinea and raised in Spain, Silvia is now a proud Canadian. Before coming to Canada Silvia lived in six different countries in Europe: Spain, England, Finland, Denmark, Belgium and Ireland. To this experience Silvia says “I took from each country the cultural aspects I liked the best and applied them to my personal life. My life experiences in these countries have helped shape who I am today.” 

Silvia holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration with a major in Human  Resources from Camosun College and a post-graduate diploma in Intercultural Education from the University of Victoria and a Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion from Cornell  University. 

Silvia is an entrepreneur, she is the founder and manager of two businesses: 

  1. Kulea Love is a social enterprise made up by new immigrant women that help  people in the community with their everyday live activities, whatever those  activities maybe.  

  2. Kulea Culture is a non-for profit society which purpose in to raise awareness  about and reduce ethno-racial discrimination and stereotyping by encouraging  respect for diversity, inclusion and equity through education, information,  consultations, programs, conferences, cross-cultural exchanges and research.

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