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Thank you Science World!

Science World British Columbia is a Vancouver institution, and we are so happy they have partnered with us for our event. Thanks to their generosity in providing the venue, we are able to keep our registration fees at only $32. In addition to this, they are providing a few draw prizes, too!

Their mission is "To engage British Columbians in science and to inspire future science and technology leadership throughout our province." Even if you don't directly work or volunteer for a science organization, this space will help you feel connected to science in your every day life.

Many of us in the Lower Mainland have fond memories of this space. When I moved here in 2009, one of my first outings was to an OMNIMAX screening with friends. I have forgotten the film, but I do remember playing the games on the ramp, especially squeezing into the tiny box! I am doubtful I could do it again, but the memory (and photo proof, somewhere) lives on.

Our hope is that this conference will be one of the many positive memories you have of Science World. Soon, we will have our full list of presenters and topic available on this site, and we encourage you to think about which sessions will be most useful, intriguing, and of course, memorable for you.

Please explore the Science World website, check out their upcoming events (like the Science of Cocktails - so fun!), follow them on twitter @scienceworldca and tell your friends about this fantastic science centre.

Science World Vancouver at dusk (photo from wikipedia)

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